Mission & Vision

To provide a public service in the study, education, research and use of the very fragile natural resource, the Edwards Aquifer.

The Edwards Aquifer is a unique, pristine, and world-renowned karst aquifer that is made up of porous, permeable limestone. It supplies water of exceptional quality to over 2.0 million people within its boundary.

The aquifer and its associated springs support the habitat for numerous species listed as endangered or threatened by the federal government.

EARDC is a resource for information on the Edwards Aquifer. The Center provides basic and applied research in areas of aquatic biology, geochemistry, and hydrogeology. It offers a variety of technical services to the public. The laboratory services for water analysis are NELAP accredited.

The new EARDC Aquifer Biodiversity Center (ABC) will provide access to unique inventoried aquatic species found in Texas and abroad.

Our Education Center seeks to improve the public understanding of the aquifer through the development, dissemination, and implementation of educational materials and programs.

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